Comrise makes it our priority to provide each staff member with the tools, resources, training and learning opportunities to be successful. You will learn the fundamentals of the business as well as best practices for Comrise’s proven operating models.

Depending on the training level and objectives your training will be divided into  three parts: 

  • New Staff Training

We help new staff quickly ramp up to be part of our working environment and company culture. New employees go through a rigorous program that covers: company culture, rules and regulations, finance policies, performance evaluations, job responsibilities, working processes and information security.

  • Special Skill Training

Through special skills training, each staff member is given the tools needed to accomplish his or her assigned work requirements. This gives our employees the opportunity to reach their full potential.

  • Industry Knowledge Training

Teaching “industry knowledge” is a basic building block in our training process. With the market constantly changing, our clients’ needs fluctuate too! Through our continuous knowledge development, we aim to: better serve our clients, build our company's professional image and increase the company’s integrated competitive capability.

Comrise’s training program provides our employees with:  one-to-one coaching, webinars, weekly team meetings and online self-learning to increase knowledge of our business.